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Mainland Business Activities In Dubai




When forming a mainland business, you can select from over 3,000 different business activities. Allow us to assist you in forming your mainland business.

Start your mainland business in UAE from AED 10,850

Business Activities Popular in the Mainland

Activity Name Description
Gym Gyms or gymnasiums and health clubs can be formed as either professional licences or LLCs.
Hospitality Hospitality licences cover food and beverage activities such as cafes, bars and restaurants.
Import-Export These licences enable you to trade freely with mainland clients without having to use distributors.
Retail Retail licences cover shops in malls and other outlets and include everything from clothing to books stores.
Event and Entertainment Licences include event management and event planning for private and public events.
Manufacturing Manufacturing licences cover the manufacture of goods in the UAE for distribution locally and globally
Healthcare Healthcare licences require special approval from the Dubai Heath Authority.

Commercial License Activities

Advertising  Aircraft and Train Spare Parts Trading  Amusement Equipment and Supplies Trading
 Animal Skin Trading  Art Production  Auto Spare Parts Trading
 Bags, Packaging Materials and Paper Trading  Banks, Finance and Credit Group  Beauty and Baby Care Requisites
 Broadcasting and Communications  Building Maintenance  Building Materials Trading
 Car Rent and Passenger Transport  Chemicals Trading  Cinema and Theaters
 Cleaning Equipment Trading  Commercial Brokerage  Consumer Stores Group
 Contracting and Building Works  Cooperation Societies  Domestic Gas Distribution
 Electricals Trading  Electronics Group  Exchange and Financial Services
 Facility Management  Filling Station  Fish Trading
 Flour Mills  Flowers and Plants  Fodders and Animal Food Trading
 Foodstuff Supply  Foodstuff Trading  Fuel and Petroleum Products Trading
 Fuel Supply  Furniture Trading  Home Appliances Trading
 Insurance  Investment  Jewellery Trading
 Leather Trading  Livestock Trading  Machinery and Equipment Rental
 Mechanical and Engineering Equipment Trading  Medical Eye Glasses Trading and Eyes Testing Services  Medicines Trading
 Metals and Its Products Trading  Office and Electronic Equipment Rental  Other Personal and Trading Services
 Other Rental Services  Other Trading Activities  Packing Services
 Perfumery  Pets Nursery and Trading  Postal Services
 Poultry Trading  Ready-Made Garments Group  Real Estate
 Roastery  Separate Trading Activities  Ships and Boats Trading
 Sport Equipment Rental  Sports Equipment Trading  Stationary and Books Trading
 Supermarket  Surveillance and Cleaning Services  Tents and Tarpaulin Trading
 Time Sharing  Tobacco and Smoking Accessories Trading  Trading in Motor Vehicles And Motorcycles
 Transport, Shipping and Storage  Used Articles Trading  Used Auto Spare Parts Trading
 Used Electronics and Furniture Trading  Used Heavy Equipment Trading  Vending Machines Trading
 Veterinary Equipment Trading  Video and Recordings  Waste Trading

Industrial License Activities

 Appliances and Machinery Manufacturing  Block and Building Stones Industry  Bread Manufacturing
 Carpet and Mat Manufacturing  Casting of Steel and Iron  Charcoal Production
 Coating, Insulations, Seals and Protection Materials Manufacturing  Cotton and Metal Nets and Ropes Manufacturing  Equipment and Engines Manufacturing
 Fish Canning and Freezing  Fodder and Fertilizers Manufacturing  Food Industries
 Foodstuff Mills and Packaging  Glass and Chinaware Manufacturing  Glass Industries
 Goldsmith and Gold Repairing  Lenses Cutting and Glass Repairing  Light Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance
 Lighting Equipment Manufacturing  Manufacture of Batteries  Manufacture of Eyeglasses
 Manufacture of Gold and Precious Stones Cutting  Manufacture of Mats and Rugs  Manufacture of Medicines
 Manufacture of Motor Vehicles  Motorcycles and its Spare Parts  Manufacture of Petroleum Products
 Manufacture of Tyres and Rubber Products  Manufacturing of Bags, Shoes and Leather Products  Manufacturing of Chemicals
 Manufacturing of Garments and Rugs  Manufacturing of Paper and Paper Products  Manufacturing of Tobacco and Cigarettes
 Manufacturing of Wood, Wood Products and Furniture  Meat Processing  Metal Containers and Boxes Manufacturing
 Metal Home Appliances Manufacturing  Other Metal Industries  Oven and Stove Manufacturing
 Paper Home Appliances Manufacturing  Personal Requisites Manufacturing  Petroleum and Metal Extraction
 Pipes and Wires Manufacturing  Plastic Home Appliances Manufacturing  Plastic Industries
 Power Generation and Transmission  Separate Industrial Activities  Ship Building and Repairing
 Stationary Manufacturing  Steel Tool Manufacturing  Steel Workshop
 Structural Steel Manufacturing  Textiles and Products Manufacturing  Waste Collection and Treatment
 Water Manufacturing and Bottling

Professional License Activities

Accounts  Agricultural  Animal Welfare Organization
 Applied Studies  Business and Professional Organizations  Business Aviation Association
 Business Council  Businessmen Forum  Car Registration and Transfer Services
 Charity Market  Charity Society  Cleaning Services
 Combing and Upholstery  Commercial Library  Consultancy -A- Agriculture and Soil
 Consultancy -B- Engineering  Consultancy -C- Petrol and Water  Consultancy -D- Management
 Information and Marketing  Documents Destroying and Storage  Education
 Event Organizers  Exhibition Organizers  Facilities Management Group
 Finance Consultants  Fishing and Fish Farming  Fishing Cages and Net Manufacturing
 Gents Salon  Gents Tailoring and Design  Government Liaison office
 Halls and Exhibition  Handicraft Workshops  Hospitals and Recovery Houses
 Institutes and Education  Insurance Consultants  Key Duplicators and Stamp Making
 Kids Salon  Laboratories  Labour Supply and Employment Agency
 Ladies Salon  Ladies Tailoring and Design  Laundry
 Legal Services  Livestock Farming  Medical Clinic
 Medical Laboratories  Motor and Motorcycles Driving Institutes  Motor Vehicle Repairing
 Not Grouped  Nursery  office of International Organization
 Other Engineering Services  Outlet Group  Personal Requisites Repairing
 Printing and Publishing Services  Recreation Halls  Regional Liaison office
 Repairing of Electrical and Electronic Appliances  Repairing of Equipment  Representative office
 Restaurants and Coffee Shops  Separate Professional Activities  Sewage and Cleaning Services
 Social Club  Social Work Activities  Special Purpose Firm
 Studio – Professional License  Studio – Trade License  Technical and Professional Workshops
 Translation Group  Typing and Translation  Veterinary Clinic and Women Clubs
 Sport Club

Business Activities in Dubai's Mainland

Do you want to establish a company in the United Arab Emirates? This is the ideal country to visit, and to do so, you must investigate Dubai Mainland commercial operations. The United Arab Emirates is quickly becoming a global economic centre. This indicates that businesses are becoming increasingly interested in investing and participating in the UAE's strongest economy. Many businesses, such as real estate firms, airlines, financial service providers, and others, are rapidly developing in this field. Check out the list of business activities in Dubai, UAE, as well as the many forms of company licences.

Industrial License

Activate your small-scale manufacturing company to a multinational industrial business; you are going to need an Industrial license in UAE. Masdar city Abu Dhabi, Jabal Ali free zone JAFZA, and Ras Al Khaimah economic and industrial zone RAKEZ are welcoming the whole world towards rapidly expanding and growing industries of all time.

Commercial License

UAE is becoming a hotfoot in commercializing many industries and international trade. Whether it is a food and oil industry or an automobile and heavy machinery industry, UAE is increasing in size briskly. Commercial license is available to be a part of Commodities trading free zone in the region at Dubai multi commodities center (DMCC).

Consultancy License

UAE offers a special consultancy license to the companies that are qualified professionals in consultancy services providing. A variety of options are available for activation of the specific type of consultancy business like; 0events management, management consultancy, engineering and HR consultancy, legal and investment consultancy etc.

Tourism Business License

There are some tourism spots like Desert safari, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, The Dubai Mall, Ferrari world, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Warner Bros and the great Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world that has made UAE very special and attractive for the tourists. Tourism business is enhancing day by day in UAE and to make it operative in the region, there is a license to be won i.e. Tourism license.

Retailer License

Every type of business needs a specific license in UAE. Retail business needs a professional license. This license is issued by Department of Economic Development UAE (DED).

Medical License

Hospitals, clinics, health service providing organizations as well as well reputed doctors are attracted to UAE because of the services, facilities and opportunities provided by the government. Dubai Health Authority and Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Ministry of Health (MOL) are there to administer and govern them while the Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) or Economic Departments in UAE (DED) are to register them.

Logistics, Cargo Or Transportation Business License

There are 30 international ports managed by Dubai Ports alone. It makes UAE a regional market giant in logistics business. UAE provides special developed Free Zones that are working in managing sea ports and air ports both. If you are willing to activate air freight or a sea freight business you can have best Free Zones’ option to pick for a successful achievement. Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF) and Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, Free Zone, Jabal Ali Free Zone, KIZAD, Fujairah Free Zone, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) and Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) are some examples of it. Logistics license makes you free from any obligation and lets you activate your logistics business in a very cooperative environment.

Private Educational Institutes License

There was a time when only one university was activated in UAE i.e. the UAE University. Now over 80 highly ranked universities are opened. More than 110,000 students are studying there. UAE really appreciates and welcome the educational institutes to start their activities in the region. Knowledge and Human Development Authority KHDA is designated by the government to have check and balance over the schools, colleges and universities in UAE. Educational license helps great in formation of an educational institution. We, at Two Brothers Business Zone gladly receive you to help in making the license process easy and hassle free.

Tech License

Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai Technology Entrepreneur (DTEC), and Dubai Internet City (DIC) are the Free Zones available for the technology and IT businesses startup. Tech license is issued to allow all investors to activate their IT or technology firm or company with full freedom.

Freelancer License

This license is a big help for the self made creative and skilled individuals to enhance their skills and get advantage from it.