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Dubai Chamber And Dubai Custom Services

Dubai Chamber And Dubai Custom Services In UAE

Al Tarkiz assists our clients in taking advantage of the various services provided by the Dubai Customs Department at all of the customs centres located throughout the emirate, including customs clearances, electronic services, and passenger services at the emirate's air, sea, and land ports. We also give all essential help to clients, traders, firms, and other sectors in order to facilitate and develop their activities..

Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Submit Customs Declaration
  • Request Customs Opinion
  • Appeal on Customs Decision
  • Book Customs Inspection
  • Export Manifest
  • Clear Cargo Discrepancies
  • Request Goods Classification

Al Tarkiz Dubai Chamber And Dubai Custom Services IN DUBAI, UAE.

When starting a firm in a new market, you must join the local commerce chamber and obtain permission from the customs services for exports and imports. At Al Tarkiz, we assist our clients in obtaining suitable recognition from the chamber of commerce in order to establish a successful business environment. We also enable you to pass your items through immigration clearance. Inspection, clearance, and registration are some of the services we provide for a successful business start-up.


We stand by your side from the beginning to end.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce's role is to advocate, assist, and safeguard the interests of Dubai's business community. Al Tarkiz collaborates with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce to provide a favourable business environment for its clients. We help our customers register with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. We also assist customers in obtaining faster clearance for their products travelling through the airport. Other important services we provide include inspection, clearance, registration, and other necessary services to ensure that business operations run smoothly.

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